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“There’s been more than one alien civilization that’s been here, observing,”


“They are here now, observing.”


said Dave Pares, a UNO professor of geography and meteorology.





Dr Jack Kasher: Nebraska State Director for MUFON and professor emeritus of physics and astronomy at the University of Nebraska Omaha present the Case of Alana.

Lane has allegedly been taken on board a craft several times by friendly extraterrestrials. Her multifaceted case, repeated harassment by government officials, and correlations between some crop circles and diagrams she saw on the craft. Descriptions of the extraterrestrials and the inside of their craft are also presented. 




Integral UFOLOGY:  


self, culture and nature perspectives.  

Another subtitle to this talk could be “How do you know what to believe and what not to believe?”, should we reject everything we see and hear about UFO/ET claims?  Should we accept everything?


Would we expect ETs to be on a scale of naughty to nice?


What’s going on really?





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-Physics, Meteorology, Engineering ...

We are committed to rational inquiry, scientific and related to the UFO phenomena.

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- Fractal analysis processing of UFO imagery, use in meteorological applications and weather analysis, but has a direct application to the study of UFOs and the paranormal.


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UNO now is the FIRST University group in MUFON to be an official club called the University of Nebraska at Omaha MUFON UFO Society Started in December 2013.

A new Official MUFON Douglas County Section was created in Nebraska lead by David P. Pares MUFON Douglas County Section Director.

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